Why Choose Tim?

It is hard to refer to what Tim Sanders does as "speaking." He is so unique that rather than call him a speaker, Time Magazine referred to him as "a public consultant" – someone who uses keynotes as a platform to elicit changed behavior in his audiences.
Conference Calls

Prior to events, Tim conducts thorough research to determine the business objectives, emotional climate and audience issues affecting the organization. This starts with the conference call and Tim's work goes deeper than the norm.

Tim records each call; each call ends with a clear list of tasks for Tim to complete prior to the next call (transcripts can be provided for a fee of $ 200 reimbursable).

On average Tim has two conversations with his clients and more as needed.
Since a great deal of his work is on connectedness, Tim feels this is just practicing what he preaches. These conversations assist Tim in writing a one-of-a-kind talk leveraging his expertise toward the event objectives.


Not only does Tim allow his talks to be audio or video taped, his clients are free to use the audio or video for additional showings following the event. Transcripts of his talk can be provided for a fee of $200.

Promotional Video

Tim will be happy to shoot a short promotional video that can be emailed to event attendees or posted on your website. He can also shoot a more content rich piece that can introduce or provide insight into his session and help create connections prior to the meeting for a fee of $200 for videographer and editing.


Upon request, Tim can provide an article for a client's trade publication, newsletter or website following the event.

Hire Tim for More

Tim is concerned about the success of his client's events and is always open to contribute in other ways while he is on site. Tim does not charge more than his regular keynote fee to do a breakout, moderate a panel or emcee a session provided he can return home same day.

A Unique Value Proposition

His value proposition is unique: he's a credible outsider that will validate leadership views and give takeaways on how to implement them. For a company looking for closer relationships, he confirms the business case and drives relationship building activities during and after the event. If brought in to support an initiative, he drives participation in it after the event (from innovation to CSR to philanthropy).