Strategic Marketing Consulting

It's critical for an organization to focus on understanding their customers and cultivating the relationship that is present between a business and its customers.

During his time as Yahoo's Chief Solutions Officer, Tim participated in some of the most innovative global marketing campaigns of the last decade, including: Amway's online launch, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, PepsiStuff, the 2002 Ford rebranding, and Starbucks' Customer Experience online initiative. Previously, he served as Yahoo's Leadership Coach, where he worked with HR partners from dozens of Fortune 500 companies as well as Cisco's Executive Briefing Center.

Developing a Successful Marketing Strategy

The most successful companies are constantly evolving their marketing strategies, ensuring they wisely spend marketing dollars.

Tim supports clients with a marketing strategy to support their strategic business goals and direction, while integrating the plan into a company's daily operations. Tim helps with developing and honing an organization's internal resources to ensure it has the expertise in place to implement the overall marketing strategy.

Seamlessly integrating business networking and social marketing solutions.

Today, more than ever, effective marketing is the key to staying afloat and building a solid 2010 and beyond. In the "old days" the three Ps were the plan for marketing any product: Product, Placement and Promotion. While those are still true, the internet and social media have flipped placement and promotion on its head.

Tim's business networking and social marketing guidance is built upon his mantra: "your network is your net worth and your brand is your oxygen". His consulting covers both human and technology based networking, including social networking such as utilizing Twitter for customer management or Facebook for sales channel and agent management.

Today, Tim is on the forefront of the social media revolution, just as he was in 1997 with e-commerce. He advises financial services, manufacturing firms and government agencies on how to respond to these new media trends and effectively integrate a social marketing strategy into their organizations.

Tim helps clients seamlessly merge traditional face-to-face business networking with the social marketing channel.

Focusing on the emotional experience of customer relationship marketing and management.

One of the most important assets a company has is the relationship it has with its customers. Through his people-centric business expertise, Tim helps clients craft and target their messages to customers so that customers feel connected and feel there is a mutually beneficial partnership.

Through Yahoo and client engagements, Tim has learned that the customer journey is a series of emotional experiences which drive loyalty, price sensitivity and referral marketing. He's shaped the customer experience for some of the most well-known brands in the world, segmenting their customer experience into focused profiles to eliminate pain points and identify growth opportunities.

He sees true customer relationship marketing as a service, and helps marketing executives optimize campaigns to move from disruptive to beneficial.