Leadership Consulting

Today's workforce faces an ever evolving landscape, and the most successful companies recognize the need to affect change to maintain their competitive advantage. In today's war for talent, effective leadership skills are the most important skills a manager or executive must possess.

Developing a Successful Leadership Strategy

People are the most important part of the business value chain, yet we tend to overlook the basics of talent management. Your customers do business directly with your people, so your relationships with your talent, partners, and customers are the most valuable assets you have.

Tim helps clients explore how businesses can attract and retain top talent through the development of a successful leadership strategy. The key to this, according to Tim, is emotional talent management. This is an area of specialized expertise based on his research and client work. Great leaders must learn how to: create an empathetic culture, give HR and staffing a framework to hire for culture, and strengthen their resilience to respond even-handedly to adversity – be it market conditions or new competitive offerings.

Implementing positive organizational change through executive leadership development.

The most effective leadership development programs are always in flux. Business environments change, people change, regulations change – to be successful, leaders must change with them.

Tim helps clients identify key challenges affecting their business and people in order to create an executive leadership development program to fit the organization's goals, leadership styles, and workforce dynamics.

Through research, knowledge and expertise about human behaviors, attitudes and social interactions, he devises a change management strategy that aligns with your people's expectations, implements effective communication techniques, and provides for ongoing leadership and people training programs.

Improving performance through leadership coaching.

Leadership coaching and mentorship programs often prove invaluable to retaining and attracting talent. The reason: leadership and motivation go hand-in-hand, and what better way to demonstrate a company's commitment to its people than to give them the leadership skills they need to develop the people in the value chain.

Tim listens closely to the client's needs and goals in order to bring out the potential of the executives and managers he coaches. Through the process of leadership coaching, he is able to enhance the quality of life and performance of not just an organization's leadership, but its people as well.

Tim helps clients build critical leadership skills, while ensuring sustainable behavioral change to offer long-term success for the organization.