Working with Tim Sanders

Tim is more than a keynote speaker; his real world experience, research savvy and deep understanding of the human condition make him an indispensable consultant to some of the biggest brands in the world.

During his time as Yahoo's Chief Solutions Officer, Tim participated in some of the most innovative global marketing campaigns of the last decade, including: Amway's online launch, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, PepsiStuff, the 2002 Ford rebranding, and Starbucks' Customer Experience online initiative. Previously, he served as Yahoo's Leadership Coach, where he worked with HR partners from dozens of Fortune 500 companies as well as Cisco's Executive Briefing Center.

From Strategic Marketing Consulting to CSR/Sustainability Consulting to Leadership Consulting, Tim has helped clients explore new opportunities and develop new innovations to drive growth and maximize revenue.

Some of Tim's current consulting engagements include:

  • Social media monitoring solutions for executives and their brands
  • Customer experience segmentation
  • Strategic hiring for emotional and/or ecological intelligence
  • Leadership emotional recovery programs for turnaround companies/mergers
  • Enterprise-level communications strategies: Email, meetings, market facing.

Delivering Insight Through Collaborative Knowledge

Tim delivers innovative solutions to clients' business problems through a process of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Tim understands that no two problems are alike, and works in partnership with his clients to ensure they receive a custom solution to meet their specific challenges.

Knowledge from Insightful Guidance

Through Tim's expert research and analytical process, he is able to provide valuable knowledge to build manageable and sustainable business growth. To provide the proper guidance, Tim uses his experience and significant business expertise to develop insightful solutions based on a unique understanding of human behaviors, attitudes and perceptions.

Collaboration is Key to the Process

Because Tim views consulting as a collaborative effort, he works hard to build a strong relationship and trust with his clients. Tim prides himself on his commitment to his clients' needs. Through his dedication to every client's success, Tim's clients are assured his hands-on service.

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