Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Consulting

Companies are realizing that done right, going green is free. Tim Sanders argues that corporate social responsibility and sustainability are the next wave of the quality revolution – where companies that innovate will attract customers and win the war for talent.

Developing a Successful CSR Strategy

Tim Sanders is on the forefront of both corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability (green at work) consulting. In the fall of 2008, Doubleday published his groundbreaking green-is-good-for-business book Saving the World at Work, which was chosen as one of the top thirty business books of 2008 by Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

One of the keys for companies to thrive is to innovate business processes and products, while achieving high levels of employee participation. Investing in this is a fundamental shift in how we do business, but the rewards for enacting such change can give your company the advantage it needs to outperform the competition, in addition to providing a boost in your company's reputation.

Tim helps clients explore how businesses can make a profit by developing a successful CSR strategy by enacting corporate social responsibility initiatives supporting the environment, communities, and people.

Explore ways to help green up your company.

Companies can reduce their footprint, and influence others to do the same. We also find that companies can create innovative solutions for environmental issues such as global warming, air and water pollution, overcrowded landfills and energy generation.

Tim can help you explore ways to reduce your individual and company's environmental footprint, while still building and sustaining a profit.

  • Institute environmental best practices, as well as set targets and goals
  • Reduce costs through efficiency initiatives and reduction of your carbon footprint
  • Research and analyze methods to improve product and process innovation, through environmentally-beneficial cost cutting measures
  • Examining business and technology trends influencing environmental stewardship
Explore how companies can enrich local communities.

Companies that improve the local communities where they do business are partners. This is the new cutting edge of innovation – where community needs intersect with your company's capabilities.

Tim can help you explore ways your company can develop communities in a way that is tied to your business model, creating social synergy.

  • Developing a strategy to support synergistic community initiatives
  • Aligning with community associations to develop innovative ways to meet community needs
  • Understanding when buying local is a win-win
  • Instituting donation programs to benefit community organizations
Explore how companies develop their people.

How a company treats its people is the most important factor in the court of public opinion when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Every employee, supplier and partner should be better off from working with your company.

Tim can help you explore ways your company can improve the quality of life of all employees and workers.

  • Research and guidance based on human behavioral expertise
  • Instituting and promoting successful diversity initiatives
  • Encourage human growth and development through mentorship programs
  • Acknowledge and encourage participation and out-of-the-box thinking